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tv   America This Morning  ABC  September 16, 2011 4:00am-4:30am PDT

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and good morning, everybody. i'm rob nelson. >> and i'm yunji de nies. we begin with the health threat posed from cantaloupes from colorado. public investigators have made a tentative link. >> and one family going back to the farm where the melons were grown and the store that sold them. abc's scott goldberg reports. >> reporter: as word spread that cantaloupe was contaminated with listeria, many found it hard to believe. >> i'm shocked to hear that there's listeria. >> reporter: but no one was more surprised than the people who run this fourth generation family farm in rocky ford, colorado, the farm potentially linked to the outbreak. >> we're deeply saddened that there's a possibility that our family cantaloupe could have gotten somebody sick. and it's very kind of -- >> reporter: eric jensen of
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jensen farms says he's devastated. the center of disease control says 22 americans was infected with listeria in 7 states. but that number can grow because the cantaloupe was sold in 17 states. investigators are trying to figure out how it happened. it could have started by contaminated soil or water. it also could have come from workers tools or in packaging equipment. the germs spread from the outside of the melon to the inside, when you cut it with a knife. >> just been pure hell. devastating. >> reporter: tammy palmer says she's filing a lawsuit after her husband in colorado springs ate cantaloupe and now is in the hospital. >> i was patting his face. chuck, what's wrong? he couldn't talk or anything. so, that's when i called 911. >> reporter: jensen farms recalled the cantaloupe voluntarily. and the jensens who produce 300,000 cases of the fruit each season says the rest of this year's crop has been destroyed. scott goldberg, abc news. and some strong feelings
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being expressed in that raging debate about the safety of apple juice. the whole thing started wednesday when dr. mehmet oz claimed that several popular brands of the juice contained dangerous levels of arsenic. fda tests on the same brands found much lower levels. it did raise eyebrows and angered two, among doctors, including our very own dr. richard besser. >> mehmet, i'm very upset about this. i think this was extremely irresponsible. it reminds me of yelling fire in a movie theater. >> i'm not fear-mongering. we did our homework on this, rich. we spent a lot of time, making sure we got our numbers right. >> and those two have been in touch since that heated exchange and have come to an agreement on the issue. we'll have that later this morning on "good morning america." former imf head, dominique strauss-kahn, is breaking his silence on his arrest on sex charges. dsk is expected to give a primetime interview on french television friday night.
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strauss-kahn returned to france earlier this month after charges were propped. we'll have the highlights from that interview on monday morning. it's a waiting game off the norway coast this morning at the site of a cripple cruise liner. a fire broke out aboard a ship yesterday. more than 200 passengers were forced off, as black smoke billowed from the ship's engines. now, officials are warning that the ship's in danger of tilting over. an american astronaut and two russian cosmonauts touched down in a soyuz capsule. mission control lost communication with the capsule for a few minutes. since retiring the shuttle program, nasa has had to rely entirely on russia to get astronauts to the space station. in other news this morning, evangelist, pat robertson, has set off a controversy, saying divorce was justify if the spouse was suffering from alzheimer's. that surprising statement has
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drawn lots of fire from fellow christians, as well as advocates for the disabled. with more, now, is abc's terry moran. >> reporter: in sickness and in health. until death do us part. but the years can take their toll. what is true love? what does it require of us? that was the question asked by pat robertson, by a viewer, who says his wife has alzheimer's. >> he says he should be able to see other people because his wife as he knows her is gone. >> reporter: robertson, who has preached the gospel for over 50 years, responded. >> i know it sounds cruel. but he should divorce her and start all over again. to make sure she has custodial care. if he says, in a sense, she is gone, he's right. she's like the walking dead. >> reporter: but alzheimer's advocates say they don't see a lot of divorces. >> what we see when people get
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diagnosed, is families rallying around the person, like they would with any fatal or serious illness. >> reporter: and one thing that might surprise you. it might surprise pat robertson, too. is scientists and caregivers say even as this disease progresses and takes so much, love can survive. >> it lasts forever. >> the feelings are the last to go. the ability to connect on some level. that's the very last thing to go. person might not remember their loved one's name. they might not be able to remember what happened a couple minutes ago. but they still can connect. >> we'll have much more on this on "good morning america." you can also weigh in at we've also been tracking a hurricane overnight. eastern canada is bracing for hurricane maria this morning. the storm is now packing winds of nearly 80 miles per hour, on track to hit newfoundland. later this morning, maria is expected to dump several inches
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of rain on the area. but it is posing no threat to the united states. >> good news there. all right, now, for this morning's weather from around the country. it's feeling a lot like fall, from if minnesota to maine. and that cool air actually extends all the way down to atlanta. showers from wilmington, north carolina, to tampa, and across much of texas, oklahoma city and kansas city, too. thunderstorms in the rockies, from the albuquerque, to salt lake city. >> 70s from billings to albuquerque. a hot 96 in phoenix. 59 in fargo. 60 in detroit. and 64 in indianapolis. 60s from boston to atlanta. 81 in new orleans. and 84 in dallas. and coming up after the break, what the first lady was an olive g an olive garden at lunchtime. >> you'll want to hear that. plus, the close call with a powerful waterspout. take a look at that. its fury and damage all captured on video. and who are you going to cool? the original "ghostbusters" coming to a theater near you. abb
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overseas markets are rallying after moves to stabilize europe's financial system. tokyo's nikkei average gained 195 points today. hong kong's hang seng is 345 points higher. and in london, the ftse opened higher. on wall street, the dow's up 186 points yesterday. the nasdaq index rose 34 1/2. treasury secretary tim geithner is in poland today for for more talks on europe's debt
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crisis. five major central banks including our own central reserve, are making sure that countries don't run short on cash. while countries like italy are struggling with debts. and investors aren't confident about the recovery in the u.s. a survey by "the wall street journal" expects one in three thinks the u.s. will slip into a recession in the next 12 months. all of the economists surveyed expects the fed to take action next week. netflix is in a recession. the customer backlash against its decision to raise rates this summer is much greater than the video subscription service expected. it expects to end the quarter with 600,000 fewer customers. the parent company of six major family restaurant chains is going to help fight childhood obesity. olive garden, red lobster, longhorn, the capital grille, bahama breeze. first lady michelle obama visited an olive garden for the
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big announcement. it's all part of her campaign against childhood obesity. for a movie next month, who are you going to call? "ghostbusters." with "ghostbusters 3" in the works, the original 1983 film will be shown in theaters for the first time in 25 years.r th man. >> i love "ghostbusters." coming up on this friday morning, charlie sheen talks about being fired, goddesses and tiger blood. what was it all about last night on leno. and the rescuer earlier this week made news around the world. we'll hear from a grateful young man. turn it on. power it up. ignite your youth gene now. introducing anew genics. an avon breakthrough, 10 years in the making. our first to use youth gene science. unleases your youth potential and helps undo up to 10 years from the look of skin.
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maybe not. v8 v-fusion juice gives them a full serving of vegetables plus a full serving of fruit. but it just tastes like fruit. [ male announcer ] get five dollars in money-saving coupons at there was quite a spectacle along the maryland coast. take a look at this. vacationers videotaped a huge waterspout yesterday just off ocean city.
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it's still not clear if the funnel cloud reached land and turned into a tornado. but the powerful winds damaged several condos. thousands of people lost power. there were no reported injuries. now, let's take a look at your morning road conditions on this friday. wet on i-9 o 5, from the carolinas to jacksonville. slick on i-35, from kansas city to oklahoma city. and on i-20, from abilene to el paso. thunderstorms drench part of the rockies, including stretches of i-15, 40 and 70. >> if you're flying, airport delays are expected in a couple of cities, denver and salt lake city. the search for missing mom, susan powell, is back at square one this morning, after a surprising about-face by police. >> that's right. first, they said searches in the utah desert had turned up human remains. and tests were being done to find out if the body parts were powell's. now, officials say there were never any remains. it's unclear what caused that mixup. casey anthony is being
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ordered to pay some police costs suffered from the disappearance of her daughter. a judge ruled yesterday that anthony owes $100,000. that's to cover part of her case when caylee anthony was considered a missing person. prosecutors had sought more than $500,000 from anthony. now, we turn to the overwhelming gratitude from the biker who was pulled from that fiery crash in utah. speaking from his hospital, the 21-year-old college student says he should not be alive today. of course, he had many thank yous for the heroes who risked their own lives to save his. more from abc's diana alvear. >> reporter: it is the miracle caught on camera. bystanders lift a burning car and free the man trapped underneath. >> it's unreal to me that they -- that car could have blown up at any time. and just how brave they are. it's crazy. >> reporter: brandon wright was riding his beloved motorcycle, when a bmw turned out in front of him. >> i blacked out. and i came to for about five
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seconds while i was under the car. and i screamed a couple times. and i threw up some it was lights it was lights out again. and i woke up to a man in a green shirt, just kneeling over me and trying to get me to talk and keeping me awake. and really, without him, i don't know if i would have hung in there. >> i think if he stayed there any significant length of time longer, his injuries would have been much more severe. and perhaps even lethal. >> reporter: he suffered broken bones, bruised lungs and severe burns. but all that matters, he says, is he's alive. >> i should have died when i hit the pavement. i should have died when i hit the car. i should have died when the car burst into flames. but i didn't. i just wanted to thank all the heroes that heroes that put their lives on the line to save mine. >> reporter: diana alvear, abc news, los angeles.
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>> amazing story. marine sergeant, dakota meyers, says he's no hero. but he absolutely is. and the 23-year-old kentucky native is the nation's newest recipient of the medal of honor. president obama presented meyer with his medal yesterday at the white house. two years ago in afghanistan, meyer saved three dozen comra comrades. fans head to the nfl stadiums on sunday, they can expect new security measures. instead of getting a pat-down from the waist-up, guards will search fans from their ankles all the way to their knees. the change comes after a man used an illegal taser on other fans at last sunday night's cowboys/jets game. teams are asking fans for their patience at the games. for more college football and the rest of the sports highlights rs here's adnan virk at espn news. >> good morning. college football and a good match between lsu and mississippi state. the tigers off to a 2-0 start so
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far. on the road in an s.e.c. battle. fourth quarter. up and back to rueben randle. in the end zone for a 19-yard touchdown. rueben makes for a good sandwich and a good t.d. later in the fourth, tyler russell. the pass intercepted by morris claiborne. claiborne's second pick of the game. lsu wins it, 19-6, riding a staunch defensive effort. baseball, the rays and the red sox. kyle hyland on the mound. top of the third, evan longoria. why, oh, why. three-run home run. his 27th of the season. rays up 4-0. top of the seventh, that's b.j. upton. two-run home run over the monster. his 21st of the year. it's a three-game lead for boston in the wild card. 9-2, the final here. and the wnba playoffs
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starting. indiana fever, hosting the new york liberty in the eastern conference finals. pondexter, poked away by catchings. last touched by pondexter. d." "d." next play is erin phillips. pullup jumper from the lane. and indiana's up 74-72. 1.5 seconds left in this one. pondexter, the jumper. and batteries not included. indiana wins 74-72. you're up to date for now. and don't forget, for all your highlights, check out "the highlight express," on espn news. >> we both used to work in new orleans. a little lsu love. to see that score. >> very nice. charlie sheen is showing off a new side of himself. a better side. months after getting fired, of course, from "two and a half men." >> a much calmer, for serious side, than from the internet rants from earlier this year. >> i realized i was pretty much losing. i would have fired my ass, too.
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i didn't really believe i had tiger blood. or adonis dna. these were just jokes. i'm single. having fun. and i pretty much -- >> not too much fun. >> not too much fun. i'm in work mode. >> obligatory mea culpa from charlie sheen. he has no contact with other members of the show. and told his replacement, ashton kutcher to, quote, make him proud. good for charles to be back. up next, an nba star gets ready to change his name today. also, a desperate rescue effort overnight to rescue miners trapped underground. we'll be back with that and miners trapped underground. we'll be back with that and more. so you earn 50% more cash. according to research, everybody likes more cash. well, almost everybody... ♪ would you like 50% more cash? no! but it's more money. [ male announcer ] the new capital one cash rewards card.
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now, a look ahead to the stories we'll be watching this friday. treasury secretary timothy geithner is in poland for talks with his european counterparts. they're seeking long-term solutions to the continent's debt crisis, after major central banks agreed to stopgap measures. rescue efforts continue at a coal mine in wales. four men were trapped about 300 feet underground yesterday. no one has been able to contact the others. and they have not been heard from. it's not clear what exactly caused the accident to trap them. police in santa fe are awaiting the results of dna samples that could solve a decade-old missing person's case. now, an 18-year-old is claiming to be robby romero, the boy who
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vanished in 2000, when he was just 7 years old. but others say the teen is her son. she has not shown his birth certificate. we'll have much more on "good morning america." as he gets ready for a season on "dancing with the stars," ron artest of the l.a. lakers is changing his name today. artest is officially becoming metta world peace. metta is the buttist virtue of kindness. for some of you, your local news is next. >> for everyone else, some laughs after a rough week in >> for everyone else, some laughs after a rough week in politics. . supervisor is genius...i transfer. transfer! transfer! transfer! transfer! transfer! name is... peggy? come on!!! hello? want better customer service? switch to discover. ranked #1 in customer loyalty. it pays to discover. listen to this.
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it raised monuments... ♪ ...discovered new worlds... ♪ ...and redefined music. ♪ it gave man wings... ♪ ...and took us all to the moon. ♪ great things can come out of sweat, so don't let odor stop you. ♪ gillette odor shield. turns odor into freshness. next on "abc 7 news," developing news as san jose police investigate a shooting involving one of their own officers and the jewelry he wore after a robber targets people.
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hillary clinton addresses one of the most important economic gatherings she has ever attended. >> the flavor of plenty of sunshine but a cool breeze. >> and finally this morning, political punch line. >> the late night comics had a lot to choose from this week. news from the latest white house scandal to the return of the spotlight by former congressman, anthony weiner. >> take a look. >> disgraced new york congressman, anthony weiner has been replaced. congressman weiner resigned after tweeting an inappropriate photo of himself. a special election was held last night. and bob turner was chosen to take his seat. but not before thoroughly wiping it down. turner becomes the first republican to represent new york's ninth congressional
4:28 am
district, in 90 years. this is video of david weprin dancing. see if you can guess which one he is, doing a dance called the drowning man. this to me is more embarrassing than what anthony weiner did. >> and welcome to our new segment, the custom-tailored obama scandal you ordered is finally here. the news media filling you in. >> the widening scandal involving a company highly touted by the white house. >> the company that's now declared bankruptcy has laid off all 1,100 of its workers and was raided by the fbi last week. >> i rarely use this time on comedy central for blaten public announcements. but if i may, fox news call your doctor because the erection you currently have is going to last longer than four hours.
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>> only the white house would pick a solar panel company that goes broke in california during the summer. how does that work? really? how do you go broke? you know, again, i don't want to say the solar panels were bad. but they actually absorbed than john boehner. that is what's making news in america this morning. >> stay with us for "good morning america." have a great friday, everybody. and a wonderful weekend. i'm terry mcsweeney live in san jose where an auto thechtd suspect has been shot by police. we're live with the very latest information. >> good morning, i'm amy hollyfield live in the san francisco newsroom, secretary of state hillary clinton is poised to make history this morning right here
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